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February 18, 2009


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It is insane to rely on the worthless CEO'curently running the Big 3..

Our state continues to be tortured with shallow leadership in both the public and private sector..

We must change our leaders now!!!!

Yes we must have Thrasher-that eminently qualified man who has accomplished so much and written so many policy pronouncements from his think tank.

Thrasher continues to spew vitriol and offers nothing of substance.

Just another loser looking for a taxpayer handout. Betcha he's party of the 50% that pay nothing but bitch to high heaven.


I see envy still rules yor world with regard to my status..BTW I was recently published in the "printed blog"..

Make sure you take a peek also in the Eccentric as well..I penned a commentary on the worthless value of financial advice and experts...

Always making a diiference...hell you already know this..lol,lol,lol

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