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February 24, 2009


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I do not believe Jack's views..I think he would fry a brother in a chicken wing minute...lol,lol,lol

I just cannot trust white liberals they have a long legacy of speaking with a forked tongue and of course they support equality only when they are getting the spoils yet once they fired they resort to thier true colors..lol,lol,lol

Thrasher needs to revisit his primary school spelling and grammar texts. Perhaps his Detroit Public School education is manifesting itself.

Poor Greg's logic is typically third world, malformed, racist and indefensible. Perhaps that's why his publications are limited to mindless tripes on blogs.

Jack doesn't like chicken, but I can tell you that most people would find a brother guilty and the judge would fry the brother. The judge would also order a side of cornbread and peach cobbler. Greg flunked out of law school-so he is quite week on criminal procedure and constitutional law. But who cares-he's a bro so he's right.


My genius is never concerned with spelling and grammar in a chat forum..only those who cannot measure up to my posts are fixated and obessed with form and spelling ..lol,lol,lol

BTW I attended 2 law schools and I graduated from a catholic HS and public Big Ten University ( honors student in all those venues)

Get the facts right.. I like obessions over me that have truth attached to them..lol,lol,lol

But did you graduate from those two law schools and are you a member of any bar? What Catholic High School? I already know about that challenging communications degree from Moo U.

"You can give them a key to the room but can they stay in it?" In your case Thrash-you exited the room a long time ago. Unaccomplished, self-promoting and just loud and stupid. Leveraging skin color to claim a higher intellect. Just another racist blowhard. No facts, no logic and a loser's resume.

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