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January 26, 2009


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Although jobs and education are execrably linked, a lack of higher education is not the the problem in Michigan. Many native Michiganders are highly educated and highly motivated, however, there are is no motivation for them to remain in the state after graduation, other than a sense of state loyalty.

Where are the bustling metropolitans or hip gentrified small towns? We all know the condition of Detroit and the struggling hamlets that dot the Great Lake state. The closest thing that we have to a 'place to be' in the state outside of a college town, is Grand Rapids and possibly Hamtramck. Saugatuck has been over run by Chicagoans and Lansing has become the Baltimore of the Midwest.

What this state needs, is an efficient light rail system and a spotlight turned on the forgotten peninsula. With a speedy way to cross the state (under 3 hours) taking a vacation in Michigan might become an option for many Americans. If the U.P. is strong, then by golly, the rest of the state is strong.

That is where the 1.2 billion dollars should go, into our future. I know that you have called for a light rail many times. But I think this is the time to push for it.

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