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November 20, 2008


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Dear Mr Lessenberry

What I heard was that the solution to our economic problems, in general, and in Michigan, in particular, is to rely on a highly educated work force (in order to deal with this age of information and change).

Many would contend that reliance on the highly educated has been one of the causes of our economic, ecological, and cultural crises.

I might suggest that our 'wise' civic leaders return to the words of folks like Wendell Berry. If you haven't read his work here is a sample: "The real improvements then must come, to a considerable extent, from the local communities themselves. We need local revision of our methods of land use and production. We need to study and work together to reduce scale, reduce overhead, reduce industrial dependencies; we need to market and process the local products locally; we need to bring local economies into harmony with local ecosystems so that we can live and work with pleasure in the same places indefinitely; we need to substitute ourselves, our neighborhoods, our local resources, for expensive imported goods and services; we need to increase cooperation among all local economic entities; households, farms, factories, banks, consumers, and suppliers. If we are serious about reducing government and the burdens of government, then we need to do so by returning economic self-determination to the people. And we must not do this by inviting destructive industries to provide "jobs" in the community; we must do it by fostering economic democracy." We have to get away from the ideology that we can have unlimited economic growth. So we do "everything possible to provide to ordinary citizens the opportunity to own a small, usable share of the country...we can put local capital to work locally, not exploit and destroy the land but use it well."

These are wise ideas. We should not be swayed by the familiar salespitch that science and technology will solve our problems.

I happen to think Michigan's governor, and many other 'experts,' may be missing something right under their noses; (as they wisk around the globe to bring more industry to Michigan), that is, we have great resources in Michigan already - we just need to learn (re-learn) what they are, and use them in a sustainable way (which means not to get rich quick).

G. Alderink

Very well said Mr Alderink.

Oil will go back up and the renewable fuel issue will be front and center.
If anyone wishes to learn more about making ethanol please see
or see David this weekend

Nov 21 2008 - 12:00am
End: Nov 23 2008 - 12:00am
Timezone: US/Central
David will present several talks and host a special 2/12 hour workshop at FamilyFarmed.org EXPO

Taking Place November 21 - 23, 2008 at the Historic Chicago Cultural Center.


I seem to have heard on the radio early this morning a report that an ethanol fuel production plant in Mid-Michigan is closing for good. Reason: it lost enormous amounts of money.

When will liberals quit trying to promote what they "like," and start promoting what WORKS?

gee and you seem inclined to learing.

just as the big three have given a look at transport one would be quite at a loss if in fact they never had the chance to see other brands of transport.

so to with feedstocks.

for example canada has been growing hemp and experimenting with different products.

while we have been told it has no med or food or anyother product value at all.

so if you feel that ethanol is a failure its because you have not been allowed to learn about other methods of making it --

James Woolsey a Ex. CIA. Dir has stated that the USA must be allowed to grow Hemp for our National Security as our growing zones are changing and water and temps and rays from the sun are all effected in growing plants on earth.

Hemp might not be right for ethanol but we will never know if we are not allowed to compete with the rest of the developing world.

to bad the leaders like our Gov, Jenny is so against allowing Cannabis Prohibition laws to end

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