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November 25, 2008


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I support Jack's proposal..I want his job and the governor's as well..

Mr. Thrasher does not understand that minimum prerequisites for either the governorship or Jack's job is a modicum of intellect.

Thrasher is good for lying, deceit, anger and the ever present incendiary tone of a minimally accomplished loser who thinks he has something to add. Ignore him and his pathetic rantings

Where do I sign up?

just think of how many acres of feedstock for biofuels will be grown just on the middle of the freeways that are mowed now.

in fact the fast growing perinal grasses will just regrow, like switchgrass.

in other places cannabis hemp one of the strongest and tallest of all the plants will be more suitable.

all of it used for fuel for the snowplows and police cars and govt transporters.

all the while showing off MI as a leader in biofuels with the big three using the fuel in there cars and trucks.

the other day npr had a short [piece- on ethanol saying that it use to take months to pay off the ethanol plant at say 100 million now it takes to long so they are shutting down the plants --

am i the only one that said da-==

every gallon of biofuel ethanol is not quite a gallon we do not have to pipe in.

how much do we use in gal of gas.

we grow the plants and we make the fuel and we keep the money here.

why is dupont joining a danish food com in making cellulose ethanol --

when will the state of mi come out with a plan to work with the big three to present a plan to work together.

dont tell us that the ethanol is a failure tell us that we have shown it can be done and we can do it much better - and ask every school to get involved =

Augustas aka Jose Santiago..I am blushing over the passion you have over me so I guess this means I am not on guest list for Thanksgiving dinner ...

Your rants directed at me are full of anger,vemon and rage...such a demeanor reveals you are a wounded person with a low self esteem..

I better watch my back...

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