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November 20, 2008


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Dear Mr. Lessenberry;

You complain, quite correctly, about the laughable ignorance of people like Maxine Waters.

But I question what you, and the rest of the state's media elites, have done to advance the cause of a return to profitability for the Detroit Three automkers. I have seen much more detailed coverage of the structural and regulatory problems faced by the Detroit Three in the Wall Street Journal, than in any of the Detroit papers. (You may well take the position that you are among the Detroit papers' harshest critics, but my complaint applies equally to NPR, Michigan Radio, and your beloved New York Times.)

On executive pay: have you, or NPR, or any of the Detroit papers challenged the frankly stupid notion that "executive pay" or "executive perks" have anything at all to do with the automakers' current porblems?

If, as you say, perceptions matter, what have you done to influence those perceptions with clear-eyed reporting on the nature and causes of the industry's woes?

Any serious-minded person knows that that the use of corporate jets is irrelevant to the serious issues of long-term auto company profitability. You, and other journalists like you, should be on the side of serious-minded readers/listeners/viewers.

You say that, "If [the CEO's] had been smart, they would have driven to Washington..." That might have been smart for the benefit of low-attention-span idiots, like Rep. Maxine Waters, but those executives wasting incredibly valuable hours in traffic, or in a security lane at an airport, would not have been useful in any serious way. You need to report that.

I find it interesting Jack and the coward poster Anon have no problem in attacking Maxine Waters I guess it is easy going after the colored girl she is easy to remember and scapegoat for Jack just to isolate her ignorance by name and not others speaks to the level of his sincerity and need to scapegoat.

Of course Jack and his media comrades have bent over, operated out of coma covering the auto industry in this region no doubt the advertisment dollars from the auto industry paid for many car vacations and pleasure summer cottages to silence any in depth reporting by Jack and his comrades.

Dingell, Levin, Conyers, Gramholm none of them had any clout or power ..None of these swollen ballons could float anything of value to leverage and keep this region in play.

The only victory this carnage has resulted in for Michigan is the raw cold reality of how worthless, incompetent, impotent our leaders are from those in government, unions, private industry, media and our religious venues...

Leadership in this region is as worthless as the resale value on new cars still on dealer's lots in our state...

I of course will continue to matter and make a difference.....

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