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October 09, 2008


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Gee, whoever might have guessed that Tim Walberg might skip the chance to be interviewed by Jack Lessenberry?

After all, what did Jack Lessenberry ever do to Tim Walberg?

Well, it is true that Mr. Lessenberry referred to the Congressman as "knuckle-dragging Tim Walberg" in a recent column in the Metro Times.

And, yeah there were those numerous columns promoting Joe Schwarz and attacking Walberg in the Toledo Blade, the Traverse City Record-Eagle, and a number of similar comments on this very website, plus a series of interviews with Walberg's primary-victim, Schwarz, and the raving, obscenity-spiced, name-calling attacks on the Bush Administration, and... well, you get the idea.

Too bad that Michgigan Radio's "Senior News Analyst" is such a polarizing figure in journalism that a member of the state's Congressional delegation won't even talk to him.

Just one more point on this interview and the commentary.

It's nice that Mr. Lessenberry apparently invited Congressman Walberg, although Walberg declined. But there was no mention of Sharon Renier, who is also running, as an independent.

Does Ms. Renier get an invite? Or is the main thesis, "See what Michigan Public Radio can do to insure a Democrat win in a swing district"?

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