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October 09, 2008


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To listen to Jack Lessenberry, The Club for Growth ("a shadowy, Manhattan-based political action committee") is something akin to Pat Robertson's 700 Club.

That's a gross inaccuracy, by almost any account.

As PAC's go, the Club for Growth is about as public as it gets. It is headed by former U.S. Representative Pat Toomey, and its focus is almost exclusively on economic issues.

Very simply, the Club for Growth targeted Joe Schwarz because of Schwarz's votes against extending Republican tax cuts and because of Schwarz's votes on pork-barrel spending. It had nothing to do with Schwarz's being "secure enough not to be threatened by other adults’ life styles," (!?)as Mr. Lessenberry so artfully and inscrutably wrote.

Want more proof? Check to see the few races (very, very few primaries) in which the Club for Growth has ever involved itself. If the Club for Growth were simply targeting social liberals (and it isn't), its aim has been rather erratic.

The Club for Growth is a fiscal-conservative organization. Strategically, (and most often, tactically) it leaves the abortion debate, the same-sex marriage debate, the stem-cell debate and other social issues to other parties.

In summary, Joe Schwarz earned the very rare intra-party targeting by the Club for Growth because of his votes, in Congress, on taxing and spending issues.

Of course, Joe Schwarz (like former Governor Bill Milliken) holds a special place in Mr. Lessenberry's political hall of fame for being "former Republicans." Any Republican who is endorsing Democrats in general elections gets special care from Mr. Lessenberry. (Just don't try that trick at home, Joe Lieberman!)

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