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September 25, 2008


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Gaffney is ashamed of his union's racist members and truth is he does not want to provide any data on the amount of rednecks he represents..
Fact is the unions in our country have always had struggles with the racism with its ranks...

In one of the most threshold moments in USA Gaffney cannot deliver the UNION vote because of this racism so pervasive in the rank and file and from my vantage point in the executive layers of the unions..

Fact is the UNIONS conflicted positions on race within it's ranks and the failure of the leaders to confront it has created this potential for a UNION BlackOUT...

This one cannot be blamed on those nasty owners and anti-union types..

This one just makes me curious:

"The one thing that surprises me a bit is that labor leaders haven’t been pointing out to the rank-and-file that the next president is likely to replace three Supreme Court justices in his first term.

Make that, three of the most liberal Supreme Court justices. So, who does labor want appointing the justices that will be ruling on, for example, proposed right-to-work legislation?"
Okay, I can sort of guess what Mr. Lessneberry is driving at. Justice John Paul Stevens is 88 years old. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is 75 and, in the age of the warped attack advertisements now being run against John McCain, it is probably acceptable to say, "She's a sick old broad who had cancer and a bunch of other
problems and she's probably going to die soon."

Indeed, the liberal ideology of those two Associate Justices is such that they'd probably both like to retire if Obama is elected, but might wish to keep their seats as long as possible if McCain is elected.

I have no idea which other Justice it is whom Mr. Lessenberry posits as "likely" to retire or expire in the next four years. He doesn't say.

What we do know about federal judicial appointments is this: in this Congress, John McCain was one of the bipartisan group of 14 Senators who tried to break the partisan logjam on the judicial confirmation process. Barack Obama, good foot soldier of the liberal wing that he has been, took no part in that group. Obama has voted in lockstep with his political Godfather and campaign chairman, the odious old-time Cook County dealmaker, Dick Durbin. Durbin sits on the Senate Judiciary and has been at the core of all of the judicial confirmation battles of the last seven years.

For independent voters who don't favor judicial ideologues on either side, that is something to consider.

Durbin has never even resided in Cook County, IL. His home is in Springfield, in the middle of the state. He was in the U.S. House before becoming a Senator, representing a district that in included Springfield. If anything, Durbin keeps his hands out of Daleyland (aka Cook County).

I do think that Durbin has a Chicago residence, but no matter. I'll apologize for alleging that he was from Cook County. And that is all. Some Michigan Radio listeners might be unfamiliar with Senator Durbin, whom I shall go out of my way to again call, "odious."

Here is one account:


Naturally, one might wonder about Durbin and the abortion issue after an exchange like that, and so here is a second illuminating reference for the senior Senator from Illinois:


Nice to meet you, Senator Durbin.

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