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September 18, 2008


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I was one of the very first public activists to seek Kwame Kilpatrick
's resignation.. I am pleased this region is moving on, I was of course very unsettled by the media frenzy and tabloid fetish with the saga given our state's meltdown into a 3rd world venue..I intend to continue to assist Detroit as I have as an activist, mentor and suburban asset for those in the city who do not have a forum.

I am presently evaluating the merits of returning to the city and running for mayor. None of the candidates offered up by the MSM really make one salivate..

Hendrix and Cockrel are both decent fellows but they lack the verve and essence to take the city and this region to new elevated heights, I do not share their shortcomings of course..

One man cannot destroy a city it takes a city to do that..I can take the city where the usual suspects cannot because they do not have the verve or essence that I have...

Please feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, with me as I evaluate this life altering decision..I will will of course let this site be the first to know of my decision....

My email is [email protected]

Note that if Mr. Cockrel loses the mayoral election, he would resume his seat as Council President. That's what was explained by attorneys at a recent City Council meeting.

Would the prudent thing for city be for all of these potential candidates for Mayor actually pledge to NOT run for the special election? If these people want to save some money, save the city some money, and get the focus on fixing the multitude of serious challenges our city faces, they would do just that.

Let Cockrel do the job until the term expires. Don't get the attention on the feeding frenzy that an election will create. Keep the focus on fixing Detroit's problems, not on bickering on who could do better... at least for now.

If you care about Detroit, you won't run for the special election now. Just let Cockrel run unopposed, and wait until his term is up. Detroit can't afford the distraction now.

You heard it here first-Thrasher(The Imbecile) may run for mayor. Call the New York Times and Chicago Tribune!

As a suburbanite(and ex-Detroiter), The Imbecile is hardly a suburban "asset". Meglomaniac self-promoter that blames the cracker at all turns is more accurate. Read his previous posts and you'll begin to see the stupidity, shocking ignorance, race-baiting and hypocrisy. He will have to lighten his attacks and calm down to attract financial assistance from dare I say-those bleached buffoons he is so fond of skewering. If he moves back to the hood(I highly doubt it), Detroiters will discern his lack of credentials, integrity and intellectual prowess. Stick to the think tank up here in B'Ham.

Earlier today I stumbled upon some of Thrashers writings on other blogs and was shocked at his racial bigotry. He is what is commonly known as an internet troll and cannot be taken seriously. He floats around the web insulting people and pounding his chest.
His overly inflated ego has no equal.
When he fails at his weak attempt to run for mayor he most likely will blame his failure on the white man that has been holding him down for four hundred years. I feel sorry for him.

I don't think Jose or Dave will be voting for me...I can't imagine why not given I am this region's most published essayist past 20 years , cum laude graduate, family man, CYO youth speaker, k-8 school president,mentor,TV host, radio host, parent of college and law school graduates, activist and as always continue to make a difference...

And you aaaaare...?

Sorry, drawing a blank here.

Jeez Greg-I am still looking for those "publications"? Can you provide citations?

"Cum laude" graduate of MSU in "communications"? The world is impressed. Perhaps those two tries at a juris doctorate was another honky conspiracy. Those academic credentials are beyond words.

"K-8 School President" where and when and were they aware of these posts here and elsewhere? Had to be in "third world" school district. Or did you downshift to the accomodative conformist? Anything to make a buck-right?

"Family Man" remains to be confirmed and if it is the truth-congratulations because that is an accomplishment in the hood community.

"CYO Speaker"-as a practicing Catholic, pragmatist and ex-CYO participant-I can see you hoodwinking a local parish or two. You just turn on that charm, but beneath it all is seething rage. Do you tell them about your "white" problem or do you lie about it?

"Mentor, radio host and TV host" Please tell me you don't mentor children-dear Lord. I'm quite certain you bully, embarass and strongarm those guilt-ridden suburbanites with little experience in the hood. I missed those ABC, WCHB and WJR timeslots.

Congratulations-you are a good parent. Not quite an objective appraisal coming from you but I'll accept that.

You have until October 14 or 15th to file for your "big run". Then you can compare your gold standard credentials with Bing, Hood and others. I can't wait. After your announcement, your name goes from "imbecile" to "lightweight". People know what you are. You have no idea about the damage you cause.

Your need to evaluate every detail and aspect of all of my posts I will admit is a bit freaky and strange...Do you have any other interests in your life??.. Do you work for homeland security?? Are you the husband of a woman who has a fetish about me and told you??..

I mean your eating every bit of my posts and providing twisted commentary is really strange.. BTW you can goggle me any time for some of my body of work..Understand that I have created a new paradigm an 'alternative think tank' we are not the usual suspects in our range of services and body of work....I have left my email here many times for you to request materials and my commentaries but for some reason you fear me.. Is your envy that acute?? Should I get a bodyguard...

BTW I m still considering running for mayor of course as usual you are wrong about Oct 14 deadline that applies if one has an interest in completing KK's term but you knew that right???

I love being a personality, a person who has verve and of interest to so many....lol,lol,lol

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