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July 24, 2008


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What a worthless declaration "Our society needs to punish wreckless behavior.." lol,lol,lol spoken like a classic white liberal male..all manner of wreckless activities goes unpunished from those who created the sub-prime foreclosure enviroment to those who drive the illegal gun and drug trade in our urban venues..

Political affliations in this country have zero currency or principle any more..Conservatives, Liberals, Liberterians, Independants none of these constructs have evolved nor matured all of them will flip-flop, bend over and geneuflect to whatever is fashionable in the marketplace...

I still get a good laugh whenever I see the mantra 'United We Stand"..lol,lol,lol

So you've become a liberal? I suppose we must take that as some form of improvement considering your beginnings as a raving mad communist. Like Churchill's adage about man's journey from liberal to conservative parallelling the one from foolishness to wisdom, your trip from radical insanity to merely silly utopianism is cause for celebration. May you live to be 100 years old so we may finally have the benefit of your wisdom as a conservative.


I am concerned about both the inaccuracies in your commentary about the judiciary, in which you state that you were unaware of any judge, except one, who had not been re-elected, and your proposal that judges first be appointed then ratified in a non-contested election by the voters. I have been a lawyer in Ingham County for over 30 years, and I can recall numerous judges, who were not re-elected, including 5 from Ingham County: Judge Edgar - 55th District Court, Judge Tschirhart,-54B District Court, Judge Thomas-54A District Court, Judge Hotchkiss-Ingham County Circuit Court, Judge Harrison-Ingham County Circuit Court. In a democracy, the voters decide, and I trust our voters to make the correct decision.

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