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July 31, 2008


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'Where else can an inner city child have assumptions challenged and interes in wild life stirred.." Liberals like Jack simply cannot stop from being paternalistic and patronizing when it comes to Black folks even our children get stained with their myopic views......Don't suburban kids need their assumptions challenged and interests in wild life stirred??

Is it still a part of the liberal script to extort folks about the value of parks and culture? We have not evolved beyond that simple truth yet in this region...

How do we defeat these backward inferences and assumptions about inner city people? From the value of zoo's to parks and love of landscapes and lakes must everything be viewed through the lens of zip codes and one's hue ??????

I doubt the lions, bears, butterflys , winding road lakes and trails care about one's hue or zip code..

Leave it Thrasher to find something nefarious about Jack's story. The vanguard of the black community's honor-Thrasher from Birmingham. That stalwart man from the hood who knows about his people as he represents them-from Birmingham. Jack actually gives a damn about the black kid from the inner city and Thrasher summarily indicts and convicts. What do you want to bet that Jack has served the black community much better than the think tank blowhard named Thrasher from Birmingham?


Yes I speak on behalf of city residents..Yes I champion the issues and concerns of city residents 24/7 because I can and will always do so...Unlike you and your suburban cowards I make a difference wherever I am..

Only an idiot and a intellectual coward like you( I do not hide behind a keyboard) would even dare to contrast my body of work with a shallow liberal fraud like Jack..

You do not even see the contempt in this commentary he has toward inner city kids and the zoo..

I am a mentor to a number of kids both in and out of the city..parents seek my counsel and advice daily..my own children are accomplished law school and college graduates..

All you bring to the table is an obession over me .. I create footprints that matter..

I always make a difference.....

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