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June 23, 2008


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Dear Jack,

I am curious as to how you would "rethink the nature of work." I agree that this needs to be done, but in what fashion?

Certainly, the word "work" has the connotation of something one does to support oneself, regardless of one's enamorment to the job.

It seems to me that most people cannot do for a living that which is foremost in his or her heart. I am not saying that this is fine, but that at this point in time, it is a fact.

What if all of the farmers in the US decided that they hated farming? We would all starve.

By the way, I don't think your example of the over-extended surgeon was out of place. Consider how overworked the family physicians of this country are. I am amazed that physicians can do their jobs at all, considering the pressure they are under.

I think that the majority of your readers have the luxury of thinking critically about what they do for a living. But those who do not read your essays (or anything at all) have no such luxury.

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