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June 30, 2008


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Thank you so much for this interview.

The past 30 years my wife and I raised our three children in an increasingly diverse socio-economically/ethnic neighborhood. We stayed when others moved--to more desirable public school districts. (the most segregated hour in Michigan is when the school bell rings)

We also have very conscientiously religious relatives whose "mission" trips include: 11 to China, 3 to South Africa, 2 to Eastern Europe, 4 to Belize, 1 to Vietnam, and a host of others.

We meet skepticism when we say that we have a "ministry" right on our street--blooming where we were planted.

I am sending this broadcast to at least two relatives: one poised to start a "mission" compound in Belize (after chopping down acres of "jungle" now known as rain forest) and the other jumping off to China to teach English as a second language for the 11th time.(do Chinese learning English do so because they want to read the Kind James Bible or is it to gain economic advantage and contribute to their gross national product/pollution.?)

I am going to suggest they stay home and spend a lot less money on purchasing one of the two or three sub-prime foreclosures on our street.

Thank you

Poverty is a economic construct at it's core.. Once we start defining poverty as a cultural, social, racial we then invoke politics and closure is never achieved as a result therein...

Gimme a break."Economic at its core" translates into remedial policies that throw money at the problem. No mention of pathological family structures, profound irresponsibility of biological fathers and an ethos of "don't snitch and let's get over on the man"? Poverty at its core has an economic component but the behavior of adults destroy many well conceived strategies. Concentrate policies on the kids. It's an economic issue for the kids-for most of the others it's well beyond economic. If not cultural-then what? A little community introspection might be in order. Hmm-an indicted Mayor and mistress, public school district that has squandered billions with pathetic and tragic outcomes and a likely cadre of indicted Councilmen. Nothing wrong culturally? It starts at the top.

Cleary you are finally maturing and coming around to my logic . I note you do confirm my premise the poverty is a economic state at it's core..

Your other points are not relevant just your usual angry backhanded race influenced banter..

I hope you hurry up and come around I will admit it is tough reading your nonsense..


You are good at misinformation. It doesn't take long living in Detroit that economic despair is abound. At it's core-poverty is economic for children and behavior for adults. It's funny how Obama has the same view.

How interesting race is always a theme for you. Don't agree with Greg and you are a racist. Espouse a different view ang Greg attacks your credentials and calls you a racist. Can't wait for Obama to set you straight about your victimization of everything. Who cares if blacks built the White House? What problem does that fact solve today? Perhaps you are disciple of Randall Robinson and reparations? What a non-starter issue. What is with you Greg-is everybody a shade lighter than tan a potential Grand Wizard? Why do you need to be so instructive when you flunked out of law school and barely graduated from MSU with that tough degree of communications? How is it you don't seem to have a legitimate job other than your self-proclaimed "think tank". Still looking for those public policy papers. Looking for that objective, academic quality, distilled thinking. Alas, so poorly prepared and a skillset woefully lacking in accretive skills. I think many of us know the type. A little introspection would be good for you-you'll find you simply don't measure up. Do you get headaches when you think Obama might tell you that you a misguided and basically ill-trained bullshit artist that loves bullying white folks.

Please provide DHS with a complete transcript of our dialogue. You are a tiresome racist idiot whose self-manufactured public persona is a product of a pathological need to distort, hate and confront.

Jack has his opinions and they are based on fact and logic. Your posts typically have the tone that "the professor has arrived so now you will learn". Save that for the cowering, guilt ridden white folks in Birmingham. This Detroit native knows about you-your type-the consumate race baiter-the not quite accomplished man with a profound inferiority and a need to be "right". You are quite simply a loser that has found a niche where you can get a public dole paycheck and spew your venom. Run for office Greg-see what the electorate thinks of your leadership, intellect and capabilities. Come on-let's see some debates!Let's see you on your favorite spot-the soapbox.


Why are my posts being deleted??

For the record your injecting of Jack's opinions in our posts means nothing to me. Jack is not a scientist, engineer nor an expert on anything. Jack is no credentialed nor professional authority on anything other than his own views like me...

As a matter of record unlike Jack I have attended law school and probably have been published more than Jack and I have never been a employee of any media outlet..

Your willingness to accept his subjective opinions reveals your need to have others( whites) validate truth for you.

Sorry but I don't operate under that low self esteem paradigm. I have never sought nor require the validation or affirmation of whites or others to have an opinion.

Unlike you I do not live a 3rd world city and hide behind group think and my pc to attack others who have the courage to have an opinion. I live right in the center of the majority and I express my opinions up front and without any hidden agenda.

I can do that because my intellectual capital and cultural dna is often superior than the demograpics of the majority population.

Yes I will continue to make a difference on this site and all the other markets/venues which has been impacted by my 'brand' I have influence and clout because I can 24/7..

"My intellectual capital and cultural DNA is often superior" I think in psychology that call it delusional or even meglomania. No wonder why you can't keep a day job. No logic, credentials, accretive skills. Just a mouth. Make sure you stay on those meds.

Jack has a reputation as a fair-minded commentator. He brings a perspective-valuable, witty and urbane. You bring a bat swinging racist dribble-quite consistent with your troubled unbringing and string of personal and professional failures. Obama will unmask your type.

But you gotta tell me where you are published-shall I start Mother Jones, Atlantic, Harpers, Nation? Just give me some citations.


Google me I have an extensive body of work of course you have no public track record of any value...You are a nobody a coward who hides behind a pc keyboard...

Jack is a margainal and forgettable hack at best, he has never won a pulizer prize nor published a best seller... Jack is a pedestrian writer who makes the obvious and predictable comments of course a low self esteem people like you love to champion folks 2nd rate talents like Jack..

You are a nobody envious of me because my kids are college and law school graduates, and I have a TV show and people and media outlets seek me out for my opinion and counsel..

You resent talented uncompromising, courage and progressive Black males like me..

I make you angry and bitter becuase cowards like you have never measured up to anything,no public record, no nothing of significant..You live to post in a 3rd rate forum web site...lol,lol,lol

I will promise you this the next time I see you ..I will give you my autograph...lol,lol,lol

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