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May 30, 2008


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All well reasoned commentary but education infrastructure issues such as teacher retirement and post-retirement health benefits need an objective review. Public sector defined benefit plan and health plan liabilities are an astounding 40% of some school budgets? When will policymakers wake up? Do they think that taxpayers(who largely don't have access to such public largess) will stand for such fiscal irresponsibility? Could it be that dreadful "entitlement" mentality". I think it is and perhaps a classic example.

My wife teaches in a Catholic school-twice mastered and all the certifications in the world. She's paid about 45% of what a public school teacher makes and yet there doesn't seem to be the complaining over lack of resources. And by the way-the student population is about 40% non-Catholic. There's about 20% minority many of whom attend with a significant subsidy or no tuition at all. The rest of the families make up the difference.

Here's one taxpayer who thinks that public school finances need very serious scrutiny-not just "figure out what we want to do and fund it". Yikes.

The "fanatics in the desert may win" what a misplaced xenophobia driven incentive mantra..

I don't doubt finances are a critical aspect of our public school system which could be fixed without any other taxation if we nationalized the oil companies and deflected 50% of our tax revenues pledged to the defense budget. This will pay for the administration of public education and make us a kinder , gentler nation as well..

However a focus soley on the finances of education is a dead end road and it will not at the end the day get us the results we need so much now as a country..Beating the Soviet Union was a hollow prize at best...

Education is obviously much more than about dollars but truly about senses... There is no magic bullet or federal mandate from the government messiah we should wait for...

The key to urban educational sucess is to alter the paradigm of public education and incorporate a educational system driven by real life interactive models..

Students need to spend designated hours everyday at work family models, work models, university models,protege models all interactive modules..

The daily class room has multiple venues ..the daily schedule begins with 2 hours of family training, 2 hours career work, 2 hours of textbook/lectures, 2 hours protege learning total instructional day: 8 hours..

The former president of MSU was partially correct in his notion about education... I haved filled in the blanks and made it fit for urban students/family/social reality of urban venues...

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