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May 29, 2008


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I feel pretty certain that if, this summer, someone proposed a Michigan-based re-institution of a "Civilian Conservation Corps," it would not be Republicans who would "scorn" the program.

It seems to me that if we seriously proposed a state-funded program of low-wage, immune-from-liability, no-benefits work program of young people from the high-unemployment inner cities, the first people to scream about it would be the public employee labor unions, the trial lawyers, the civil rights activists. We'd be hearing about the "outsourcing" of jobs, about the exploitation of the poor, and about all of the accomodations needed for kids who were handicapped, or transgendered, or ADD, or who had PTSD from being scared by a bear.

If I am wrong, and somebody thinks that we could get 1000 or 2000 teenagers from Cass Tech or Renaissance or Saginaw Arthur Hill to live together in dorms or tents and plant pine forests or build roads in the U.P., by all means let me know.

Great idea, Jack!

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