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March 03, 2008


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"The Center for Justice and Democracy." Sounds great! Count me in favor of justice, and democracy, too!

Now, could someone please tell us what is The Center for Justice and Dmocracy? Does it have a mission? Does it have an ideology? What is its history? What other activities is it pursuing in the name of justice, and democracy?

Would it have been wise to report those things? Alternatively, would it have been wise to have a representative from an informed opponent organization to The Center for Justice and Democracy?

Wouldn't it have at least been fun, if not so informative (or maybe it would have been informative...!?) to let us know that Erin Brockovich and Michael Moore are both Board Members of The Center for Justice and Democracy?

How many times will this kind of editorial spin be repeated before anyone at Michigan Radio or the University of Michigan takes notice?

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