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March 21, 2008


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Michigan voters are not left on any sideline no one is being disenfranchised the election is in November when are votes really count inspite of and despite the DEMS party leadership..

Barack Obama comes out of Cook County, Illinois (Chicago), where politics is a contact sport. Indeed, in a place where the last governor was indicted and convicted of a felony, and the current governor may be indicted along with Obama's financial patron (the guy who essentially ennabled the purchase of the Obama home), the mayor of Detroit and the ex-governor of New York look like pikers.

It is therefore instructive to see how one of Chicago's leading columnists thinks about the Michigan and Florida Democratic party delegates. Screw 'em, he says; "We don't care."


It'll be hard for Jack Lessenberry to disagree, since he too railed against Michigan's futile protest vote against the mafia-like control that Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada held over the early-primary rackets.

It is no longer about rules, or even about right or wrong. It isn't even about upholding any principles of 'every vote must count' or such nonsense. The story now is about massaging the electorate into getting a result that they will accept. I tend to think it is a process of some kind of therapy for Democrats. But if the story in the url below is correct, 1 Democrat in 5 is going to be so p.o.'d if his or her candidate doesn't get the nominaiton, and they'll vote for John McCain, who is famed for drawing independent voters. That's 20% of the Democrat electorate.


Primary Daze indeed.


Who will you be voting for? Obama? McCain?

That last comment was meant later on if it all (hopefully) shakes out that way...

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