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March 27, 2008


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I am not a Kwame supporter. I live in the suburbs. I have publically requested Kwame's resignation:

Only in this region can a white reporter with a history on this site and a legacy of invoking crude racial verbiage in the Metro Times can have the audacity to claim the media in this region does not play the 'race card'

For Black Americans we know racism has morphed and evolved past the simple minded ugly evil of the KKK. We know in this metro area racism does not come in white sheets but more often it is executed with a mircophone,keyboard and the noise of watercooler whispers..

Black Americans understand the reality of hi-tech lynching and the embedded nature of Black apologists and the impotent clout of the limited Black folks with empty titles who worked in this region's media outlets.

But what is twisted and lethal about the racism played on this site and in our local media outlets is the arrogance and entitlement of those in our local media outlets who despite all of this region's ugly racial legacy feel empowered and entitled to continue to play the 'race card'..

Only in America.......

People like you, Thrasher, are Kwame's target audience...

I don't pay attention to intellectual cowards who post under Anonymous....

Did someone post something????


Somehow I didn't catch your public request for Kwame's resignation. Did the AP,Reuter's or Bloomberg wait on your porch with baited anticipation as you formulated your "public" request?

Racism is everywhere and only you and your ilk are equipped to identify and destroy all who utter any word even rhyming with a racial epithet. You alone are bestowed with this perspective and understanding that is beyond white folks comprehension. Your logic, grasp of facts, objectivity and fairness is enviable.

No facts, scanty logic, defiant tone and always playing loose with detail is a hallmark of your diatribes. You have every reason to keep the race baiting going-that's how you make a living. You bully and you toss the race card with abandon. You are just another non-hacker, on the public dole and pretending that you are accretive. You add nothing to the public debate. Folks see through you and they quietly distance themselves. They don't respect you-they tolerate you. Having grown up in the "hood" I know about you- a seething permanent victim with little in terms of real world accomplishments. Mad at the world and targeting the white man at every turn. No doubt the recipient of well "earned" affirmative action benefits and yet still very mad.

I guess you keep your racially fair minded reading to Jet, Ebony, Citizen and the ole green sheets. Oh I forgot-those policy papers that you publish from your "think tank" are also the basis for your much anticipated public announcements. Now that's a 'lol"


For the record:

My public request for Kwame's resignation was printed in all of the Eccentric Newspapers and even discussed on my TV show.

I do not engaged in diatribes but authentic dialouge and threshold commentaries unmatched by any in this region.

I have a ghetto birthright born in the Detroit before the riots. I do not bully nor seek liberal guilt benefits. I have never been on the end of any preferential treatment yet I have incurred the wrath of racist employers determined to destroyed my influence and principles.

Unlike you who shadow and envy real life icons like me. I shine in the dark, I unwind negativity, I glow with passion not anger.

My offspring have law degrees and unmatched love for all things good, they bring to me thier wounded comrades seeking the parenting and mentorship that made them great and sucessful.

Unlike you I make a difference.....

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