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February 25, 2008


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I take great offense at being called "not very sophisticated." My husband and I are a young middle class family with a 5 month old daughter. We applied for a rapid refund return, but in no way are we unsophisticated! Granted we don't plan on filing our taxes that way in the future when I discovered how easy and fast it is to do myself online, but that's neither here nor there.

I don't normally comment on these things, but I was outraged at Jack calling people who may need money sooner than later unsophisticated.

I was not insulting anyone, but I think Ms. Clark above proved she WAS unsophisticated about these things when she said that she would not have sought a loan if she had known "how easy and fast it is to do myself online."

Many very intelligent people are financially unsophisticated.

Not surprisingly, these kinds of places have literally sprung up, out of the rock, here in Mt. Pleasant since casino gambling became a big deal.

That is to say, payday advance places have sprung up since the casino became big business.

I'm surprised people can't wait two weeks for the money. You can electronically file for free or for a low fee, and get direct deposit.

It is the responsibility of the "unsophisticated" to
educate themselves. The fact that they choose
not to do so is evident, considering any one of the final three presidential candidates. Ah yes,
the unsophisticated are the backbone of our

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