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July 26, 2007


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Jack, A woman seated in from of me at Rabbi Wine's funeral mentioned with appreciation your comments on Rabbi Wine at a Unitarian Church service. I hope you made the funeral. Harry Cook's words were particularly accurate, funny and welcome. The future of the Temple remains a concern what with the big shoes left in the sand and the swimming feet. As in all walks of life, we need another courageous and imaginative leader with a big shoe size. It's quiet out there except for the flapping wings of nocturnal creatures with small "feet." Keep the torch burning. Marv Sharon

I don't find it the least bit strange that an aetheist yid should die being mechalel Shabbos.

I'm glad this site provided me with a comment section to say goodbye to a man I've never met.

I caught a 10-year-old Sherwin Wine lecture on a cable TV station last night. I enjoyed it immensely. I too thought about those wonderful days of knowledge for knowledge's sake. This morning I tried to track him down so I could somehow thank him for his wonderful work. I was saddened to find out he has already passed away. He must have been quite an extraordinary man, and I hope someone carries on the tradition.

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