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June 25, 2007


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My dad once said "there is none so dangerous as an educated fool!"
The author is obviously educated or they would not let him teach!
It should be compulsary to study and talk to farmers before being allowed to write about (or condem)their practices!
All animals, birds, and soils for that matter; produce most profitable when they are tended for and to impecably. (happy cows are productive cows) Most rations fed to animals to-day are balanced for 14 essential amino acids (proteins) as well as different forms of energy (sugars, starchs, non-structured carbohydrares and much much more.) Essential effective fiber is oh-so-important to a happy non-upset tummy.
Any big farm I know, started as a very small farm. They didn't get big by doing things badly. Soils must be balanced for organic matter, N, P, K, Mn, Mg, S, Cu, Ca, Al, Fe, B, CEC capacity, base saturations, ETC, ETC. Fertilizer is very expensive; hence the farmer must make the abolute best use of his manure to reduce his fertilizer bill (hundreds of dollars per acre) Correct soil fertility balance can reduce the herbicide bill by thousands of dollars per year. (did you know that if you have dandilions on your lawn that you realy should not use "weed and feed" (it's not needed if your Ca is high enough)
What really bothers me is that this person is allowed to "influence" our future generations as a teacher. (I had great respect for all my teachers)
I truely hope this person does a little talking to some smarter people. (try any successful farmer)

Yeah, and with all that wonderful nutrient from factory farms that Chris is touting, comes deadly strains of E Coli, and slughed off residues of growth hormones and antibiotics along with other pathogens, to contaminate surface water and leach into ground water. "Agronomic application of manure" is not understood by the factory farming mentality.

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