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June 29, 2007


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So, the whole dirty snow thing, does that agree with what scientists have been saying for years; Global Warming is being caused by the gas we put in our cars and what not. That's what is causing the snow to become dirty, isn't it?

If your worried about your basement, think about moving to Europe. Even if your basement floods, the water will freeze. Then you can just throw it outside. Global Warming ironically will make Europe very cold. I'm not sure how well you know European history, but they will have a second mini ice age.

In case you don't know the story, I'll explain: There was a glacier, let's call her Glacier Glenda, it was in Canada. It broke through the land barrier. Part of it melted in Canada, that is now known as the Hudson Bay. The rest melted in the Atlantic Ocean. I don't really want to go into the science, so to make a long story short, the wind pushed this cold water to Europe and ta-da, mini ice age. That is why you should never trust people named Glenda.

(Note: Ignore the dangled preposition in the beginning. I know it's bad grammar but I'm 16 so I don't care. XD)

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