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March 30, 2007


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As Mr. Lessenberry continues his campaign for higher taxes in Michigan, I very much appreciate his recollection, with former Gov. Blanchard, of the budgetary mess that existed when Blanchard took office. Jim Blanchard did inherit a bit of a mess. And who bore the responsibility for that mess? A Democratic state legislature, and a Governor named Milliken. The same Milliken who is now seen as a budgetary elder statesman. (An elder statesman for which political party is a good question.) The same Milliken whom the current governor has now called upon to help her find more revenues without cutting a bloated state budget.

I am happy that the commission on which Granholm placed Milliken now seems to be sitting this one out, leaving the matter of the budget to -- guess who? -- the representatives who were elected to manage the budget.

Dear Mr Anonymous,

I fail to see how I should feel at all good about leaving this matter to the representatives who were elected to manage the budget. This is because they are not even coming close to managing it.

They are playing reindeer games, counting political coup on each other. I believe the classic phrasing is "Fiddling while Rome burns."

Since Michigan is my home, this is very distressing to me.

And your attempt to cast this as a Democrat (or Republican) failing fails to take in the point that neither party can be pointed to as being at all likely to produce a solution.

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