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March 14, 2007


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Ahh...the DEBATE about climate change.

I've been wondering why there is a "debate" ever since we had that giant "Ozone Hole" over Antarctica. That was a long time ago, now.

In fact, if you use your brain, it is rather simplistic to conclude that it is impossible that global warming is not happening.

The atmosphere is a substance. Greenhouse gasses are other substances. Anytime you put two different substances together, the stuff that results will behave differently than either of the parts you put together. This is a fact of science. Keep in mind that, if that didn't happen, it would be physically impossible to brew a cup of tea. This scientific fact was first observed when people invented tea several thousand years ago...probably even before. Our politicians could really stand to get with the times already.

But, moving along...I once saw a science fiction movie about global warming. This was a "worst-case" scenario movie. During the movie, there were several politicians that did not believe or care about global warming. They fought for the big bad companies until the planet was almost destroyed. At the end of the movie, a rebel group captured one of the politicians, and used a helicopter to fly directly to the middle of what used to be the great lakes, before they boiled off. The rebels left the politician in the middle of the new desert to die of thirst and heat exhaustion, and he did. If we don't stop global warming soon, then I hope to God that our politicians live until a time when that can happen to them too.

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