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March 30, 2007


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...And raising Michigan taxes on job-creating businesses is a good idea?

...Raising state income taxes on some of the most mobile and highly-educated workers in Michgigan is a good idea?

Yeah, that's the ticket. That'll help Michigan compete...

Hold on one minute. You talk about writing a budget as if it's the 07-08 budget that Bishop has screwed up. Jack you better take a look at your constitution again. The Governor can fix a CURRENT budget crisis with an Executive Order, then the Senate and House has 30 days to accept or reject the EO. The responsibility to negotiate changes in this years current budget is SOLEY the responsibility of the governor. Maybe if you pull out that constitution you'll see that it's not Bishop's fault. I think it’s naïve to think that under that process that Bishop must simply JUST aquiece to her wishes. Is that what you suggest? No, she needs to negotiate an EO first, not just propose something that she knows will not be passed. She is after all the governor, not the Senate Majority leader. It's this misunderstanding of our process' that misses the point. There are certain things that the governor alone can do...and she's not...period.

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