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March 06, 2007


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Dear Jack
Why no mention of Ethanol made from Cellulose. The National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden CO. has reported that -Switchgrass will yield 1,150 gals per acre.

I encourage you to do research - see how much cellulose is in switchgrass-- then see that Hemp has 77%. 98% of all the Cannabis Hemp that was eradicated last year in the USA was like what is being grown in Canada as Industral Hemp. In short we are killing off our natural seed.
Canada is growing 50,000 acres adding it to cars and homes and China and 30 other countries have been growing it for many years.
We here in Kalamazoo have lost thousands of paper making jobs while WMU teaches paper making.
Why not one research study on renewable Hemp paper allowed.

On the www.miagbiz.org
showed that the Dept of Energy just gave out $385 million for six biorefinery projects over the next four years up to 40% of the cost of the biorefinery.
None in MI.
Energy Sec Sam Bodman said (March 1 2007)this investment will help cellulosic ethanol move closer to becomming a commercially viable alternative to gas and corn-based ethanol by lowering production cost "$1 a gallon, i think, is a reasonable target,"he said.
If this is true than why don't we use Cannabis and save our food.

On the same site Ag Sec Mike Johanna says (Feb 16 2007) Cellulosic ethanol could be financialy viable alt fuel within five years.
"But meeting that demand means that we'll have to draw on resources and regions that ...Traditionally we didn't think about," he said.
Please Jack ck out what NON- Traditional resources he means.

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