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January 29, 2007


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I frequently disagree with Mr. Lessenberry, but there may be no journalist in the nation more qualified to report on the strange persona of Rep. John Conyers.
Mr. Lessenberry (or anyone else) may correct me if I am wrong about this, but in addition to the episode involving Conyers' standing barefooted and waving to cars on Livernois, there was another occasion when the Congressman was simply missing for a period of about two weeks. No one -- not his staff, nor his friends -- could tell the Detroit newspapers where he was, and it was apparent that no one really knew. The episode was never fully explained, if I recall correctly. Perhaps Mr. Lessenberry will recall the episode. I cannot recall whether it was linked to the Livernois episode or not.

Well, at least Conyers has never lacked the courage to sign his name to what he writes.

Well, at least Conyers has never lacked the courage to sign his name to what he writes.


Drop the outrage over anonymous posts.

Any post criticizing John Conyers will be interpreted as a white racist rage. John has been a poor spokesman for Detroit and in particular his district. His district ranks with many third world contries with comparative economic, public health and education metrics. His district ranks second to a post Katrina New Orleans. His influence is heavily discounted and he is viewed as out of touch by his colleagues. There are so many other worthy candidates that would serve with vision, energy and dignity. Detroit deserves better.


Jack, thanks for saying/noticing it makes a difference when you put your name on something.

Ms Salyer, I appreciate you.

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