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November 20, 2006


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I enjoy reading a few blogs every day and today was your day. Interesting take on things are always found in every blog. I'm always researching to find out what the world is thinking. Good stuff and very entertaining as well.

Keep it up.

JL glass
Minneapolis, MN

Two noteworthy Arab-Americans who should figure more prominently in Michigan's public affairs but do not are Spence Abraham and Judge Henry Saad. Senator Abraham was inexplicably beaten by Debbie Stabenow in what was surely one of the worst decisions by the Michigan electorate in the last couple of decades.
Judge Henry Saad of the Michigan Court of Appeals, an experienced, thoughtful, articulate and respected judge, has been twice nominated to Federal judgeships by both Presidents Bush, 41 and 43. He was both times foiled by Democratic partisanship in the U.S. Senate, including a vicious back-room blackballing by Carl Levin.
You said it, Jack. The Democrats would love to see more Arab-Americans in public life, as long as they are Democrats. Republicans need not apply.

I feel I need to correct the previous "anonymous" poster, or at least to dispell the impression that I was attacking the Democrats. Spencer Abraham won in 1994 and lost in 2000, each time for reasons that have had nothing to do with being Arba-America. Nor did Democrats hold up Saad's nomination because of his ancestry. It was mainly, so far as I can tell, because Republicans were doing the same thing to President Clinton's nominees.

Jack, I never thought you were attacking Democrats. I was just pointing out that the Republicans had very actively promoted two Arab-Americans (who happen to both be Christians and not Muslims) for higher office.
And, it is true that Judge Saad's nominations to the federal bench were not held up because he is an Arab-American. I never claimed such a thing.
But let us be clear that we are already at a stage (one that Jack seemingly hoped for) where a Republican who happens to be an Arab-American can get mugged by backroom Democrats' wheeling and dealing just like any other conservative Republican.
This state of affairs is sort of like the African-American Republicans who ran for statewide offices in Maryland, Ohio and elsewhere. Barack Obama could go to those states and be as duplicitous in campainging against those Black Republicans as he would in campaigning against any other Republican. Obama could go to Tennessee and proclaim that the Senate needed more black members, like Harold Ford, Jr. Then he'd fly to Maryland and tell black voters that the right thing to do was to set aside issues of race. Vote the issues, he urged. An African-American like Michael Steele was not needed in the Senate. (Democratic African-
Americans is what the Senate needs, I presume.)
I hope that this kind of color-blind party politicking has made Jack happy. Party politics above all, including race.

It is difficult to judge the motivation behind anonymous remarks, and as a journalist I make a practice of seldom taking anything seriously someone is not brave enough to sign with their name. I do wish to say -- signed with my own name -- that there is too much back-stabbing in general in politics, and has been at least since 79 BC. But nobody with any degree of knowledge thinks this is limited to one party or ideology.

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