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November 17, 2006


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As the daughter of one of the guys who figured out how much your business was worth when the state wanted to put a freeway through it, I felt compelled to tell you that your statement that people are powerless when the state wants your property is inaccurate.

When the offer is made, if you don't like it, you do have the right to refuse to sell. There was a guy who didn't want to sell his house when Chrysler was building a plant and needed the space for a parking lot. So they built the lot around his house. He eventually left because of the noise, but he didn't leave until he was ready.

Or you can ask for arbitration and take your dispute to court. I remember my father complaining about those cases at the dinner table.

I deon't know where exactly your beloved childhood landmark was, but I can tell you that if it took the state twenty years to start building, it was because they couldn't start building until all the land they needed was acquired, which meant not being able to take possession until either the owner was satisfied or all the requirements for condemnation were satisfied. Luckily for everyone he ever dealt with, my father at least saw what he was doing as a public trust which meant he could neither overestimate the worth of a business and waste the public's money or underestimate the worth of a business and cheat the owner.

I am afraid your facts are inaccurate about the rights the state has. In any event, the freeway of which I spoke was delayed because of a lawsuit by a small city it was to have bisected, not because of any individual homeowner questions.

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