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November 10, 2006


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Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am a Canadian who resides (legally)in Michigan, with my American husband and dual citizen sons. We were pleased to hear your comments on Canada/US relations and couldn't agree more on the negative current state. Almost everyone in my Candian family has decided to no longer vacation in the US because of the intimidation hassle they face at the border. These are good law abiding working people who would rather spend their money in a country that welcomes them.
I had almost given up hope on the Amercian people, but the fact that they went to the polls and gave a resounding thumbs down to the current administrations policies and hearing a commentary like yours, reminds me to have faith that the American citizens are better than Washington.

Bravo, Jack. This is a terrible thing we're doing to our northern neighbors.

I have a link on Absolute Michigan (click my name) to a MSNBC piece on what this is doing to Windsor. For my own part, I go to Ontario once or twice a year and I have to confess that the annoyance factor at the border enters (in a small way at least) my calculations of where to go.

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