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October 24, 2006


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Skinner.. no beau nor someone to write home about. The political landscape so much reflects the reality of life I meet so many slugs and losers in significant positions across the spectrum from worthless parents to lousy teachers..

I better get serious and run for office this society really needs me....

Speaking of losers and empty suits and forgettable candidates.. I had the misfortune of meeting Andy Levin this weekend at Birmingham Farmer's Market, he was there trolling for votes and to his surprise so was I..

Being the activist that I am I cut to the chase and inquired Why no Black folks in his campaign as decison makers and ..What is he going to do about this misfortune .. given this is his first election and he is up against a seasoned veteran surely black folks and our votes always come in handy..

Andy was tongue tied and dazed by my simple questions after he woke up he started to mumble some tired soundbites about his family's role in the civil right's movement, yada, yada, yada etc..( I often wonder if white jewish leaders take a phonics test on how to answer questions about black folks becuase they all bring up the almost same patronizing scripted answers)

In any event Andy is a lightweight and not a for prime time player he seeems to have the same dna as his uncle and father thinking as a Levin he has birthright to be a public offical and candidate for life..

Andy should get a real job and when he does encounter Black voters and Black activists he should at at least come up with some new lines..

I am advising all I know to ignore this empty suit and run for cover...

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