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October 27, 2006


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Yada, Yada, Yada,.. cut to the chase the key to strong voter turnout is the quality of the candidates.

In Michigan and across the country one of the major's reasons why our country is in a meltdown and we have zero credibility in the world of late is the depth and quality of our leaders across the board from the public sector to the private sector and of course on a personal level in our homes...

We are a empty vessel sailing in turbulent weather looking for land but unable to right the ship..

"...but nobody is talking about giving the hospital custodial staff an equal vote on his treatment."

Stinky analogy for elections (reminded me instead of our "custodians" in DC and how they involved themselves with Terri Schiavo), but I'd sooner give the custodial staff a say than the executives, who might risk the patient's life to save a few beans and then grant themselves a big bonus for being so clever. As long as we're in the hospital, I'll try this instead: You may well want to give the custodial staff a say when it comes to picking someone to manage a hospital. They have knowledge of nuts and bolts problems that are relevant and experience in areas where doctors, accountants, and occupants of the executive suite are clueless.

Speaking of clueless, I know folks in my city who voted for Supreme Court justices on the basis of television adverts where the candidates all pretended to be McGruff, the crime-fighting dog. Ignorant voters is the rule, rather than the exception. I just hope for them to turn up in such numbers and variety as to cancel each other out.

You do get a gold star and an oatmeal cookie for being correct about same-day registration.

I think early voting can serve to show glitches that otherwise would remain hidden until election day when they would be a much bigger problem... not that identifying a problem means that anyone will attempt to correct it. See this:


Odd, they have early voting, but they claim the problem is due to heavy use. Imagine if all the voting was confined to one day! I also noticed the writer managed to work in the term "conspiracy theorists." De rigeur, apparently, when anyone frets about whether or not his vote is counted correctly due to bad technology.

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