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October 31, 2006


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One other reform is to get rid of the incumbent designation on the ballot. This virtually guarentees that incumbents are re-elected.

Jack, I have no problem with arguing we need judges and not washed out politicians, but as is, when you go into vote, you'll find the judges are in the non-partisian section. Yes, they are nominated by the parties, and many are endorsed by the parties, but they are not listed at the polls as democrat or republicain. So you've got this wrong. And frankly, I think its a bad idea, and I think we need to allow the Supreme court to be in the partisan section, with listings for who the Democrats are and the Republican. I know someone who was quite liberal, and voted a straight democratic ticket, but when it came time for judges, he voted for the incumbent (it was all conservatives and Republicans that year). After he found out, he was absolutly pissed over it. We would all like to de-politize elections, espcially elections of judges. But elections are all about politics. And if we are going to keep electing our judges, then we need to accept it, and be honest, and label the judges. Otherwise, we do ourselves significant diservice. Perhaps what we really need is a better way of getting judges - maybe there should be a combination of elections for lower level judges, and higher judges are appointed but only from current lower level judges. But to try and non-partisan an election won't work (the political parties will always find a way to game the system) and this current partial non-partisim system is even worse.

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