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August 01, 2006


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My wife and I live in Ypsilanti Twp., and although we know that our neighbors seem to like one particular candidate, we have no other information about any of the candidates or proposals. The Ann Arbor News has covered City of Ann Arbor and City of Ypsilanti candidates and proposals, but has had no mention of Ypsilanti Twp. Even the usually-dependable Publius.org has no information for us. And although we receive plenty of mailers from some of the candidates or their offices, all this really tells us is whose campaign has the most to spend.

Many Michiganders probably do suffer from terminal voter apathy, but in other cases, the information needed to make an informed decision is buried in hours of community television, requiring time which we just don't have.

I've been taught that every US citizen has the responsiblity to vote in an informed and educated manner. Voting without information or education sounds more dangerous to me than not voting at all. With voter turn-out so low, votes based on a reckognized name can easily outweigh votes for the most qualified candidate.

My wife and I will continue to search for information in this upcoming primary, and we will go to our polling location, but we might have to leave large sections blank.

Try the Ann Arbor News ... or the Michigan Secretary of State's website. Also, publius.org

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