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August 25, 2006


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I was 23 years old in 1998. Was a senior in college had just run my first campaign (which we won by one vote), and headed to the convention full of idealism and energy. Me and my friends thought the world of John, he had these @ symbol stickers, they were everywhere. We knew he was a long shot against Candice Miller but we believed, that is until a few hours after the convention, he went to the smoke filled rooms in the back and we got Mary Lou Parks instead. In the end though it was a good thing, in future campaigns when I wanted to know who the straight ticket voters were in a precinct, I just look up Mary Lou Parks 1998 election voters, on straight ticket voters (the true democratic base) was easy to get. Sadly though our conventions are nothing other than Labor's last political stand in Michigan, and it's sad, pathetic, and exactly what is wrong with the democratic party in Michigan today.

So what makes John Austin more qualified than Mary Lou??...oh shit I forgot he is a white male when we set about to fix the insanity of the party system I hope we do not forget the craved out the racism as well....

Hey Thrasher, what was wrong with Mary Lou Parks is that she was a terrible candidate, didn't raise any money, had no ideas for the election, and didn't work even one day for the election. Which is exactly why she lost so badly.


Dan I can no doubt probably could make the same arguments against John-Boy but of course he would have rec'd more help from white leadership of the DEMS party.

What you seem to be avoiding is that the party politics felt is was ok to balance the ticket with white candidates (Fieger of course at the top of the ticket).
It is amazing how we view reality once my kid told me her teacher inquired of her why all the black kids sit together in the lunch my kid shot back why do all the white kids sit together! It is apparent from your platform that adding Mary Lou was the balance and I simply suggest adding a white candidate like Fieger was the balance of course I know it is hard for whites to think like that i.e being an after thought..

Truth is the DEMS nor the GOP party has never been inclusive at the top of the ticket no black candidate has ever been a vp on the either ticket and of course never the #1 choice as the president or in state politics the governor..

Mr. Thrasher has forgotten that Bill Lucas, a black man, was the Republican nominee for governor in 1986.


Thanks for reminding me and others about the ass kicking Lucas sustained once he left the Detroit region. Your deflection still does not address the issue no major party has placed a black person at the top of the ticket for president or VP. Again how about a black presidential ticket and balancing it with a marginal white candidate..

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