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July 26, 2006


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I hope my fellow Muslim Americans ignore the recommendation that they become flagwavers and prove thier worth by engaging in political propaganda to prove to America how patriotic they are. The issue is not about Muslim Americans and thier lack of patriotism it is about the same old tired racist shit Japenese Americans, Black Americans Hispanic Americans, American Indians have had to deal with 24/7..America's original domestic terrorists and illegal aliens were of course the pilgrims and puritans and yet I do not recall Jack or others seeking patriotic loyalty litmus test or pledges from these present day Americans!!!

True enough. Though Mr. Lessenberry didn't personally suggest such a litmus test...The head of the Council for Islamic Organizations of Michigan of Michigan did.

One nasty problem with racial issues is...both sides want the other to be the one who changes. This seems like a situation where the Head of the Council for Islamic Organizations of Michigan is taking the first step then saying "Okay...now you."

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