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June 30, 2006


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Don't you mean, "Most think anyone who doesn’t have a doctorate is illegitimate"?

yes -- it was changed in error. Good catch!

The opening leaps from branch to branch, so I'm wondering if we didn't wind up out on a limb by the end. It starts out making a reasonable comment about what "some" faculty might think, then leaps into claim that you know what "most" "firmly believe!" Some to Most -- nice rhetorical slide.

And this!
"But without ever having been on Grand Valley’s campus . . ." Yet you continued! I mean, why say you know absolutely about what people think who you admit that you don't even know? Sorry but that was just weird.

I'm on that campus and although I'm not as confident in my unscientific casual observations as you are at least I have a basis for observation. The way I recall it, I'd say that "most" faculty were happy, perhaps thinking Murray would be able to pry loose favors from the State. The worst I heard was a pretty mild grumbling, skepticism and a wait-and-see attitude from a "few." I have since then heard "mostly" positive comments on President Murray. Personally I think the people who will be working for him at Meijers are lucky.

The sad thing is . . . so what? What in the world is wrong with that? Why wouldn't some or many or most prefer a PhD for a College President? I personally don't have an advanced degree but I respect those who do -- I'm somehow not diminished by their accomplishments and you need not be either.

What is it the norm? Do "most" Universities have PhD Presidents?

Here's a "few":
GVSU Arend Lubbers, Ph.D. Rutgers
MSU Lou Anna K. Simon, Ph.D. MSU
WMU Mary Sue Coleman, Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of North Carolina.

Get on Google and look at the bio of the Presidents of Colleges and Universities.

But, because people have a preference does NOT mean they would or did reject someone with Murray's experience and qualifications and honest appreciation and support for the Liberal Arts mission of GVSU. I'm being mean in some of my comments but you are implying (as you admit, with no knowledge!!!) that he was somehow snubbed or there was some sort of widespread resistance among the faculty -- you're just waaaaay off the Mark -- no pun intended :-)

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