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June 13, 2006


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I don't know if you are right or wrong in your assessment, I can only hope you are wrong. There is a movement nationally that focuses on the same issues, headed by Rabbi Michael Lerner. His "Network of Spiritual Progressives" is intent on reclaiming our country from the religious right. He has some very good ideas and would make a good topic for another of your programs.

All religions either Christian, Muslim, Budhist all teachs us to respect other religion and community, then why peoples are abusing each other, my humble request to all respectable heads of the religion, please explain the follower's to respect the religion, believe in peace and help mankind.

Thank you very much.

Firstly, not all evangelist are horrible brain washed people. I resent that comment. >__>

Other than that, I agree. This pattern worries me also. There was a event in American History called 'The Great Disappointment'. A Baptist preacher said you calculated the day Christ would return. About 50,000 joined his movement. On the day, he said would be the last, people tied up loose ends, paid their bills, quit their jobs, ect. When the day come and went a lot of people were left without jobs, homes, and ect.

I see this happen again because well, Americans don't know history and more importantly don't learn from the mistakes of their ancestors.

And Mr. Lessenberry, sorry if you know his really well.

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