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June 12, 2006


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I had to go to an urgent care facility. "I think I have a virus." I told them. I thought this because I'm 40 years old, I have had several viruses, and the symptoms I had were the same as always.
The doctor who attended to me was, to say the least, thorough. He hooked me up to an I.V... said "your dehydrated." He also took blood and other samples.
A trip that should have taken twenty minutes took almost three hours...and he came to the same diagnosis that I had. No meds.
Didn't know why we went through all of that, until I hit the parking lot. The empty parking lot. They are trying to stay in business. The rich get richer.

Having been surrounded by doctors who were family members and friends, it's ridiculous to make the claim that doctors put big pharmaceutical companies in front of their patients.

Is it possible that there are a few bad apples out there? Of course, but in the last 10 years, rules regarding a pharmaceutical rep's ability to "wine and dine" a doctor has been severely curtailed.

The true reason why pharma reps exist is to make some sort of impression on the doctor enough to remember that their drug when the time comes. That's why they choose the people they do, usually the attractive blonde or the quirky guy who is all smiles.

The real problem with medicine these days is training. Too many doctors aren't trained well to be critical thinkers. Many of them are just memorizers of information. I've been misdiagnosed twice. Was the doctor trying to sell me extra drugs? No, they just screwed up.

I'd like to be proven wrong and see some hard facts that doctors and pharma need to be policed. If anything, I'm more for doctors being regularly tested for their abilities.

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