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April 26, 2006


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The one issue with hiring a smoker is productivity. I don't know enough about the situation in Okemos to be acquainted with the exact rationalizations of that company, but ironically, I just thought of this today.

I left for a lunch appointment today and saw two men smoking outside. I came back an hour later and those same two men were smoking outside.

I wouldn't fire a smoker for killing themselves with cigarettes. I would fire someone though for having a habit that causes them to work less than eight hours a day.

It's interesting that Jack has created a problem that doesn't really exist. You cite hypotheticals, no one has been fired for having a John Kerry bumper sticker, and if someone is a good worker and they are fired for say...there lifestlye choice, who really loses? In the end Cigarette smokers are unhealthy, unproductive, and quite frankly are not prepared to work like the rest of us. I am the worst, as they say, I'm an ex-smoker, we tend to be the worst critics. In the end I'm tired of seeing people get sick and die for no reason. In the end, if we need a new workers right bill that's fine, but quite frankly Jack we don't

Someone WAS fired for having a Kerry bumper sticker, tho not in Michigan.

Getting canned for your political beliefs is definitely taking it too far.

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