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April 28, 2006


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Dear Mr. Lessenberry,

I understand that the requirement for photo ID maybe a requirement for some, but for many people there is not any need for a photo ID.

Many families are cash based, not credit based, especially in the City of Detroit. Why would you need a photo ID, for what?

Poor people tend not to rent cars, or have credit. If you are poor why do you need credit? If you are poor can you get credit?

I have one debit card, it is suprising when I have to show any ID to use it, even though I have CID on the back of the card.

For many people that do not have ID, how would you give them ID?
What documentation must they present to get ID. What will happen if they do not have that?

In closing, just for you to know, to rent a move the only thing I need is a phone number and a light bill. Photo ID's are not required.

James Jackson

Photo ID just another barrier to block Americans from their right to vote.. Jack begins correct with his respect for voting rights given our country's ugly and lethal legacy Yet, then Jack ignores his own passion for the right to vote..

I agree with the League of Women Voters on this one:

League Denounces Passage of Voter ID Legislation


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