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March 29, 2006


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Heard part of IW today with Harry Glanz. Though I am not a baseball fan, I greatly appreciate Mr. Glanz's interest in preserving and utilizing Tiger Stadium. I reside in Ann Arbor, but am always happy whenever I hear of an opportunity to enhance both Detroit's economy and pride, and to give people a reason to visit Detroit. I think the idea of preserving Tiger Stadium for use as both an historical site and as a living stadium to be used for the benefit of Detroit residents and visitors,
could help accomplish those goals.
I attended City College of New York in the late 50's, and one of our treasures was Lewisohn Stadium. I'm sure it was not anywhere as large as Tiger Stadium, but it provided a wonderful arena for a broad variety of sporting and cultural events. As it was an open-air stadium, it could not be relied upon for events such as conferences, which I gather could be accommodated at Tiger Stadium. However, I still have wonderful memories of sitting among capacity crowds to see Pete Seeger, the Carter Family, Maria Tolchief, and countless other great events. Though I have not lived in NYC since 1966, I am still sad and angry when I think about the fact that the Lewisohn Stadium tradition was ended, to make way for another university building. Of course, the campus area was cramped and I guess the space was needed for expansion. But, what is the excuse in the case of Tiger Stadium? Again, I myself have never been to Tiger Stadum and have no special feelings about it, but I am sure that huge numbers of Detroiters, & other sports fans, have the same strong feelings of love and tradition for that Stadium, as I still have for the now deceased Lewisohn Stadium. I hope Tiger Stadium will not meet the same fate.

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