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November 29, 2005


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Hi I don't know what a URL is or if I have one. I am so pleased that you are on the radio. 'Been reading your colums in Metro Times, Observer, and Northern Express, and it is good to hear you.
I'd like a typescript of your Casino essay. Can I buy one, or if I was more computer literate is there a way to print it from your site? Thanks for what you are doing.


Thanks for your kind comments. Send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll e-mail you a copy!

I agree with a recent caller that the right uses the overall issue of abortion to polarize voters in their favor. Take what is commonly called "partial birth abortion" for example. That is not the technical name for the procedure. Dilation and extraction is and it is most ofter used in medical emergencies. The common term partial birth abortion seems to have been created by politicians on the right in order to create a connotation that its a horribly unethical/ghastly procedure used frequently for non-medical reasons.


I called in early in the show, and commented on how abortion hasn't effected/ruined politics as much as many believe it has. Sure, there are many who would say otherwise- probably about 10% of the population. While this 10% may indeed vote for a candidate based solely on this issue, 90% of the population would most likely NOT vote for a specific candidate based SOLEY on this issue. That is not to say though, that there aren't other issues that people within that 90% group wouldn't base their vote on.

My point is that while many people overall may ONLY concentrate on abortion when deciding who to vote for, there are many more others who either don't care, or feel much stronger about other issues.

Everybody is passionate about something - even if it's nothing.

-Pat Kilchermann

Hello Jack

I happened to be listening to you today and have to say I took great offense at your comment regarding the birth mother of your friend's adopted child. You commented that she was either too lazy to take herself to the abortion clinic or just did not manage to get there on time. This is a huge insult to birthmothers everywhere. It is an incredible gift to receive a child through adoption and you should give further thought to the anguish and grief that shakes a birthmother to her core as she struggles through her decision to give her child the best possible kind of life she can. Birth mothers love their babies deeply; not with a fuzzy and warm kind of love. But with a painful gut wrenching love filled with tremendous strength that allows her to step away no matter how painful life has to be for her for a very long time after making this choice. Adoption seems to be just wonderful in the eyes of society. It is a terrible shame that it views the birth mothers of these children with either overt or secret disdain. No wonder such a great many young women opt for abortion. They realize there is no respect to say the least for those who chose to become lifegivers at great emotional and physical price to themselves. These women certainly receive nothing in return but atttides such as you expressed.
Shame on you all.

Cherie Yates
Birth grandmther of a beautiful child.

I was not insulting birth mothers, but in this particular case that is precisely what happened; the woman told the clinic she was too lazy to take her pills and had put off coming in for her abortion. If it were not for a birth mother, after all, I would not be here,

Listening to your show today (which I love, by the wa!) I started thinking about language. The terms "pro-life" and "pro-choice" are not really parallel terms. People who claim to be "pro life" are not talking about all of life but instead stating they are opposed to abortion. People refered to as pro-choice aren't necessarily anti-life. They happend to support the option to choose abortion.

You asked each of your guests if they think we can get beyond this debate. I think we can. I think we need to do two things. One is to set the language on equal footings.... pro and anti choice. Second, we need to take a good hard look at why women choose to get abortions and what we, as a society, could do to reduce the need. What would happen if we focused on life AFTER birth - good post-natal care, good child care, help for parents who don't know how to raise children, strengthening our public schools, ensuring access to health care for everyone, decent affordable housing and wages that can support a family. It seems we need to make sure that we truly care about those we bring into the world. Perhaps the abortion rate in our country reflects the sense that no one really cares once the child is born?

I think Celeste's comments are as significant as anything I have ever read on the issue. I wish YOU had been able to call the show!


I would not vote for a politician based on their views of abortion. I know one of your callers had said they think there are more important issues out there than abortion and I fully agree with that. I would vote for someone that I felt was going to make a positive impact in my community and abortion rights would be a result not an issue. We have to target why women need abortions and stop it at the starting point. Perhaps instead of spouting about being pro-choice or pro-life, the politicians should be putting the message out there that they are going to address the issues that are at the core and help to prevent what is causing abortions, such as teenage pregnancy, poverty, parenting resources, education, health care, etc.

There has been much debate over what actually started the Civil War. Historians have said that
it started because the South declared their independence, and slavery just happened to be the issue of the day, only because a few were speaking out.

Right now in this country...we are equally dividing yet not as north or south, but right vs wrong.

32 years ago abortion was sold as, "It's good for women"...but statistics & evidence are proving it's actually harmful.

This country is divided once again and like slavery just before the Civil War....Abortion is an issue....,the sad part is most people don't know we are already in a WAR. The victims...are the unborn, mothers & fathers.

Blacks did not have rights as persons, The unborn do not have rights as persons.

As a woman who had an abortion, I can say from experience abortion is devastating. It's not a quick-fix solution. It's a life-long regret.

The unborn have been given a death sentence in this country because we have not acknowledged them as persons with rights, only because they cannot speak for themselves.

Right vs Wrong is dividing this country once again, and unless we face the facts, I am afraid it could be too late.

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