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November 28, 2005


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Since I currently reside in Ohio I am not sure whether I am allowed to comment or not. In the hope that I can I just want to say first of all that I enjoy listening to you; when possible that is.

Secondly, regarding your comments pertaining to the "Softwood Lumber" dispute I whole heartedly agree. The American argument is questionable at best. If Canada eventually decides to apply tarrifs on products that we sell to them we will be the big looser and I fear that Michigan will be the biggest looser. Additionally, I believe it was Ambasidor Blanchard that said on your show today, that this issue has hurt our immage with the rest of the world. I was afraid of that. How can President Bush be so blind or is it that he simply doesn't care?

Thanks for presenting this on your program.

Thank you, Joe for your kind comments -- and I am always happy to have listeners and comment from everywhere!


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