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November 29, 2005


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Thank you for your program on casinos and thanks to Dennis Archer for his analyis and comments. I understnd bankruptcies in the metropolitan Detroit area increased substanially after Detroit casinos were opened. Can you comment on this? Casinos are a net loss to society.

Thanks for the gambling essay. There are a lot of underlying implications in the gambling issue (which in case people dont remember was against the law in almost all states until fairly recently).
The government may not realize it, but by legalizing gambling they cheapen all work. When people could actually work hard for what they wanted, there wasnt a need for gambling. Now if people get ahead, the implied reason is luck or connections. When credible employment is removed from society, how can one achieve what our fathers and grandfathers took for granted. Mainly that hard work not luck is the key to a prosperous life. If there is nothing left but luck, why be understanding and considerate of our fellow man? Why study? Why learn? Why be human? It is sad that the more fortunate in our society who have been able to take advantege of generations of their forefathers hard work have so callous and cynical a view towards their electorate/employees/fellow man. The best these leaders have to offer the people who elect them for their leadership is to gamble whatever meager wages they are allowed to keep because of the mismanagement and laziness of those in control.

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