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October 31, 2005


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Those who feel that Detroit's fortunes mean little to the rest of us are fooling themselves. They may not care about Detroit, but those in my highly desirable age group (18 - 34) usually disagree, and for better or worse that is the age group that matters.

Sixty year old retirees, or those nearing retirement age, are not all that desired by metropolitan areas. What areas that do well want is young highly educated workers and employers. I don't know anyone near my age (33 years old) who has any kind of desire for a high quality of life that wants to stay here. Why are areas such as metropolitan Chicago, New York, Atlanta, D.C., Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and many others doing so much better than metro Detroit? Young highly educated people want to live in those areas, they don't want to live here. I live here for family, nothing more.

Jack, Did Detroit natives refuse to appear on today's show?? If not, why doesn't the panel have any minority represenation??

The poorest large city in the u.s. a literacy rate that if terrible, the most expensive city to drive in, contractors charge more. You pay more for insurance and you pay high taxes and you pay double duty if you work there also.
White flight, black flight.
But please don't drive through and judge on appearance. There is the Southwest Detroit success.

The SEMTA Buses run from the suburbs into the city but don't pick people of the city up and take them out to the suburbs on the return trip.

Your guest is correct saying that the same thing is happening to Detroit that happened to New Orleans except in slow motion.

I want to believe that most suburbanites aren't doing this intentionally but it is so easy to avoid thinking about it or realize that it cost more to be poor in Detroit. Now chain super markets.

And in the suburbs young people are mortgaging their life away for smaller houses and the exoburbs. Instead of moving to the city.

I grew up in Livonia, lived in Detroit for 15 years, a single woman and can tell you that the danger is very overstated. Yes it looks worn out but the BEST people live there. The local TV news has done a major part in this perception.

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