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October 20, 2005


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I was very interested in this show and, in fact, was on the line to be the next caller when time ran out. The National Civility Center is dedicated to promoting civil dialogues in communities around the US and, from time-to-time beyond. We have what we refer to as our Civility Pledge. I will include it below.

Civility Pledge
In all of my daily interactions I pledge to do my best to:
 View everyone in positive terms
 Work on building common language
 Build strong relationships of trust
 Remember our shared humanity
 Value both the process and the results
 Look both inside and outside for guidance.
Through this pledge I acknowledge that:
“Everyone has the right and the responsibility to improve his or her community, and if we all work together—in a well planned way, addressing the factors that affect all of our lives—we can make a difference for all families. As members of society, we are all resources and agents of change.” (Bring a Dish to Pass page 7)
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