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September 19, 2005


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I work for the government and have been for almost 30 years. For some unknown reason, no one...and I do mean No One from the Governor down through Reps/Senators wants to take a good close look at Civil Service. If someone would audit each department and review how manay managers, etc. there are per worker/look at expenses/rearrange work loads, etc. I think there would be some massive changes to save a large amount of money. I have written to and spoken to the Governor and numerous officials regarding overstaffing, wasteful practices, etc. but I'm afraid that it would be a massive undertaking for anyone to tackle all of the abuses and mishandling of controls within Civil Service ranks. Also, when you are dealing with Unions, it's always sticky. Ironically though state "Chiefs" are not covered by the unions. Thanks.

Now that more than a few shows have aired, the topic that reoccurs embedded in other topics is the state's economy. Government relies on it (the economy) for revenue, even though some in the legislature would like to think if we reduced business taxes to nothing, the economy would generate more revenue than anyone could spend. How does that figure? Is the state government to rely on individual income tax revenue plus the state sales tax and various use fees to operate? Maybe a better question to ask is: What are the citizens asking of its state, county, and local government entities? When one thinks of public infrastructure, are we talking about water & sewer systems, roads & bridges, schools & school buildings (including universities), police & fire response & equipment? What about social services....do we wish to assist those less fortunate or not?
A lot to consider, isn't it. And there's no easy answer. But we cannot continue to cut taxes and services if Michigan is to be attractive to business, industry, and the citizenry.

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