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September 23, 2005


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The reasons for having term limits as imposed by Michigan voters nearly 15 years ago still exist today. The only thing that has changed since then is the legislators (due to forced term limits!), so it's no surprise to me that the very people who were the beneficiaries of term limits then, would now want to remove the forced limitation to their duration in office.

Jack, Enjoyed your show on term limits.I have mixed feelings and in the end believe we"the people" still have ultimate control with our vote!However lack of organization,apathy,the time required,etc...frustrate people to inaction.The" you can only push a person so far" principle comes into play,but in the mean time a lot of damage has been done.A bigger concern for me is the lack of representation for "we the people" by our elected officials! I wonder how many people feel like I do that most pols are out to 1)preserve their jobs (I'd like to know how time spent campaigning vs time spent representing constituents breaks down)and 2)increasing their personal wealth.They have isolated themselves very well thru our wonderful legal system!Republicrats and Demicans their all the same We need a third party! Thank God for NPR and the WEB.

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